Milton High School Highlights Local Fish on Menu

by Julie Sharp, Framingham State University

JaredAuerbach-MiltonMilton High School had a very successful lunch on Friday February 17th, serving fresh, local fish to students from Red’s Best.  The day started with two assemblies run by Jared Auerbach, CEO of Red’s Best, where students learned about the company and the benefits of eating fresh fish and supporting local fishermen.  The most exciting piece of information shared by Jared to the students?  That fresh fish does not smell!

Milton is excited to be working with Red’s Best, having signed up for their Catch of the Day program.  Milton Food Service strives to provide healthy, fresh, and enjoyable lunches to students while utilizing local and sustainable products, and through their partnership with Red’s Best, they are able to accomplish this.  Milton will receive a white fish that is abundant in local waters at a locked-in price, while ensuring the fisherman are fairly compensated.

Ritz-HaddockFollowing the assemblies in the morning, students were able to order fresh Haddock, baked with a Ritz cracker crumble and lemon butter sauce (recipe) for their school lunch (as pictured, paired with a whole wheat knotted roll and baked spiced potato wedges).  Red’s Best set up a fish displayfish display in the cafeteria so students could come and see whole fish, as well as touch them and take pictures.  The event was very well received and all lunches sold out of fish, despite having started with 50 pounds!  The Food Service department is very excited about the success of the day, and thrilled to continue to working with Red’s Best to bring in fresh fish, of which they will be ordering more next time to accommodate the high demand!  Milton plans to serve the fish weekly for the next few months, both as the baked filet with a Ritz crumble and as fish chowder, to utilize every bit of the fish!