SummerPostersMass. Farm to School’s Summer Harvest of the Month* campaign promotes a different Massachusetts-grown food each month at summer food service sites across the state. The program’s goal is to encourage healthy food choices by increasing students’ exposure to seasonal foods while also supporting local farmers and building excitement about nutritious meals. For more information about Summer Food Service, click here. To access the registration forms, click here (or scroll down).

[*Harvest of the Month is also a Year-Round program, for Year-Round participation information, click here.]

Why Participate?

Harvest of the Month is a great opportunity to celebrate local abundance and experiment with new foods and recipes. We want to help you to continue to lead the way in making farm-fresh foods available to students and staff whenever possible.

It also provides wonderful opportunities for food and nutrition staff, educators, administrators, and families to collaborate, and to celebrate your commitment to serving locally grown foods with the community!

What Should I Expect?

Summer Food Service Sites will:

  • Locally source and menu featured Harvest of the Month food at least twice per month.
  • Utilize promotional materials including our beautiful Harvest of the Month posters, trading cards and “I tried it!” stickers each month.
  • Share your experience with Mass. Farm to School and our community.
  • Incorporate food education activities featuring local crops into programs where possible.

Massachusetts Farm to School will:

  • Provide individualized technical assistance for sourcing the Harvest of the Month foods from local farms.
  • Mail Harvest of the Month materials (including posters, trading cards, and stickers for each featured food) for display and distribution in each participating site.
  • Provide free downloadable promotional and educational materials for your use, including press release templates, monthly Harvest of the Month newsletters, and recipes.
  • Provide access to additional resources for curricular connections and home activities (including links to curriculum guides, home-scaled recipes, nutrition information, arts and crafts, taste testing activities, and more).

It’s Easy to Get Involved!

2017 Summer Registration is open now!

  • I would like to participate & I need materials (posters, trading cards, stickers) – click here.
  • I would like to participate & I do not need materials – click here.
  • I would like to download a paper form – click here.